Spiritual Gypsy


I was struggling with my mental health and judged around 7 years ago of being “depressed”. After a 10 min chat with a Doctor I never met I was prescribed “drugs” to help me continue with my day to day life and expected to paint my face and be at work the next morning as usual. I am not someone that gives up easily and struggled to trust medication that gave you side effects such as suicidal thoughts: not a risk I am willing to take tbh.

We live at a time where most humans are pushed in boxes and treated like rag dolls when really all anyone wants is for someone to care. I mean really care to tell you that you are not nutz and do not need prescribed drugs to numb your thoughts. You are HUMAN and actually starting to connect with your spirit as it knows there is SO much more for you on Mother Earth.

I am a practicing Sikh born and raised in UK. I say practicing as I do not feel I am worthy to give myself such an honourable title yet. My ancestors have come from a bloodline of humanitarian revolutionaries and that lives on in my Spirit. My work here is only just starting to come together and I feel it is my purpose to share it with anyone it can help.


For the good of ALL humanity as ultimately WE ARE ONE

BEFORE you sign yourself off to the “system” ask yourself the following questions:

Am I happy?

What is happiness?

Do things make me happy or experiences?

Do I spend time in nature or with animals?

Do I spend time with children?

Do I eat good healthy/fresh food?

Do I drink pure water?

Do I exercise or dance?

Do I create anything just for fun?

Do I do anything for myself or only what is expected from me?

Do I love me? What do I love about me?

If I lost everything would I still be grateful I have my life and willing to start again?

As you can see none of the above questions makes you depressed or have mental health issues. I see now that mental health is the label used in the West when in actual fact they do not have a clue. It is a spiritual awakening which is something, in my opinion the West is yet to overstand.

I had my programming from childhood that the Divine loves everyone and as long as you did good he will have your back (Just to clarify I say “he” as an energy not a man in the clouds).

I do not think one should follow a religion, God or supposedly “woke public figures”, I think one should connect to their own spirit and honour what it has come here to do: know who YOU are through creating and serving Mother Earth with an open heart and clear conscience. GOD or the DIVINE is you so believing in it is more about believing in YOU.

Everyone is here to heal their spirit, no one’s journey is more or less important than yours as WE ARE ONE!

If you are brave enough to take a chance on spirit, have a chat with your mind that it won’t be easy but always trust the process and give your body a HUGE hug.